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  • 13 Jun 2017 11:57 AM
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    Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

    Co-Star or Guest Star---What is the difference?

    Plus: How do you book those small one or two line co-stars?

    A message from Coach Jack Turnbull of the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club…

    Feeding your acting career...

    I had a parent ask me this week: What is the difference between a CO-STAR and a GUEST STAR. With 157 Union shows casting currently, this is a great question to ask!

    In TV, for UNION work, the simple answer is this: A CO-STAR is a smaller role, and a GUEST STAR is a larger role.

    Your union, SAG-AFTRA has an opinion on pay scales for these roles, so you can check with them for what they are. Plus, on specific projects ask your agent.

    In general a GUEST STAR—TOP OF SHOW is paid VERY WELL. As much $6-10,000 for the episode.

    A GUEST STAR, not top of show, is paid a union minimum of several thousand dollars per episode, or, if your agent negotiates a higher fee, a higher fee.

    A CO-STAR with a larger role, is usually paid by the day, or sometimes by the week, if the producers save money that way. Sometimes your agent can bump it a few hundred dollars.

    A one-day CO-STAR, who can have several lines or just one or two, is paid for the day. Sometimes your agent can bump this a little.

    All will likely receive some residuals according to the use of the final production.

    Of course they will provide a studio teacher, etc., for minors working. The rules protect the kids/teens in show business.

    NEED MORE INFORMATION?, ask your agent, or contact SAG-AFTRA and ask them about a specific project.

    NON-UNION? There are no rules, it's whatever you negotiate. Non-union, means non-rules, except for State of California labor laws.


    The big issue is this: Usually you are not given much info.

    So, you choose to make a STRONG CHOICE!

    Generally, be SNARKY! With a BIG ATTITUDE!

    Raise the stakes, be busy and SNARK OUT! That way, they get what they need, someone to help the story along.

    BOOK IT!

    EPISODIC SEASON IS HERE ALREADY: 157 shows currently casting.

    At the Actorsite Awesome Acting club, our CONSERVATORY approach includes:

    • Drop in classes: never miss out if you miss a class.

    • Sensory Exercises for an emotional acting life.

    • Improvisation to work on action-reaction and characters.

    • Repetition to work on connecting with the material.

    • Imagination skills to create reality out of unreality.

    • On-Camera to develop camera awareness.

    • Nailing the audition skills: Being real and natural.

    • Upping the stakes and energy for Disney and Nick auditions.

    • Finding that INNER NATURALNESS that is required for feature film bookings.

    Time to put DOWN the IPAD and MAKE PROGRESS!

    Acting is a muscle, you have to work it out!

    If you are sitting home and wishing you had more auditions, then RIGHT NOW is the time to GET OFF YOUR BUTT and get to the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club.

    If you don’t feed your ACTING CAREER, then your ACTING CAREER won’t feed you…focus, focus, focus.

    Come and try a FUN, CHALLENGING audition skills workout, and both young actors and parents can network and become motivated by being around POSITIVE, HAPPENING PEOPLE.

    Here is our schedule

    All the best,

    Jack Turnbull

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