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Gaining a "slight edge" to boost your acting career!

  • 14 Jun 2017 2:35 PM
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    Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

    How to get the "slight edge" to boost your acting career!

    Dear Readers,

    For the past 20 years we have watched the success of Actorsite Actors and now have over 150 series regulars who have studied at the Actorsite.

    I've personally coached dozens of young artists to series regular success, and many more to starring roles in feature films.

    The secret to being a successful coach is having FANTASTIC students.

    Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, would just be another coach except that he has such exceptional players.

    To become exceptional, young actors must:

    • Build and Practice Powerful Creative Skills regularly.
    • Find representation that "gets" who they are and keep them updated.
    • And finally, through auditions and workshops, build relationships with casting

    One of the best ways to enhance relationships with casting for both parents and young actors is to attend Curriculum Based Casting Director Workshops.

    You learn the realities of the business.

    You gain insight into the casting process.

    You receive coaching and guidance

    You receive constructinve criticism

    And, most importantly, you can practice your acting craft in a safe environment under the guidance of an industry professional.

    Actors (and their parents) thrive under the guidance of caring Casting Directors, Assistants and Associates.

    From the Casting Society of America: "We wholeheartedly support CSA members’ rights to teach." "We absolutely want to maintain that right for all of us." Thank you @CSAcasting.


    I particularly love the fact that Casting Directors help open actors creative mind to the possibilities as well as guide them to develop their skills so that they are on the top of the list in their Agent's and Manager's office. This works well with their acting coaches and other training.

    It's always a Win-Win situation, and at the Actorsite, it's aways been affordable so that's why we have seen so much success.

    Here is a link to some of the young actors who have studied with us who have found success through our training programs, personal coaching, and Casting Director workshops. It's a strong way to build a career.

    This has been the foundation of success for over 50 years in Hollywood.

    Just like you choose a seminar because the person teaching it is a Circuit Court Judge (if your a lawyer), you can choose a workshop according to what kind of creative endeavor you wish to pursue. There are workshops on screenwriting taught by Literary Agents and Studio script buyers, there are workshops on producing films, taught by successful filmmakers who could hire you to produce...Hollywood is full of opportunities for advancement by attending classes and workshops taught by working professionals. The world is full of these opportunities for advancement from industry insiders.

    The Casting Director workshops are a fantastic way to practice your craft without the nervousness of there being a role you are being considered for. If you, as an actor, ROCK THE ROOM, you'll be provided additional guidance on how to REALLY ROCK THE ROOM EVEN MORE...and take your skills to the next level so you thrive in your audtions and impress your agent.

    And that's what we all want, take skills to an ELITE level. Your agent will pay attention! That's when they really push for you!

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