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Becoming the "wow" factor...

  • 27 Jun 2017 10:32 AM
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    Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

    Dear Readers,

    What's the  "WOW" factor?

    From Coach Jack Turnbull of the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club.

     I've noticed in auditions,  in classes and at workshops and other training is we have two different types of actors who participate. Other Casting Directors say the same thing.

    1. THE "OK" AUDITIONER:  Those actors who practice just enough to get through the audition. It's so obvious they aren't enjoying the process and haven't prepared!

    They take this mentality into their auditions, and because of it, unless they are a PERFECT MATCH for what casting is looking for, they don't get the callback or booking.


     With a stronger attitude and work ethic, they would be enjoying the fruits of their labor!

    2. THE "WOW" FACTOR: The most successful kids/teens are those who take the material and work it as if THEY ALREADY HAVE THE JOB!

    They practiced and prepared as if it's for the SUPER BOWL! Because it is, every audition has HIGH STAKES! They devour the material and love to practice it!

    That's why they are the ones who turn out to be "LUCKY" in the Hollywood sweepstakes.

    Much of the time, the "lucky" young actors have studied at the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club, where they get to choose from classes 5 days per week---Fantastic!

    "Wow" factor actors  take challenges seriously, just like the wide receiver in football takes it seriously....they work hard, learn their routes, and laugh a lot because they enjoy the game.

    Each  actor can  enjoy the audition and have fun and ROCK THE ROOM...with a "WOW" factor attitude!


    At the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club, we encourage all actors to work ALL material, whether in classes, workshops or auditions, as if they've already booked the job! They'll have more fun, and they will  feel free to bring their own SECRET SAUCE to the room!



    Some "WOW" Factor young actors on IMDB

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  • 06 Apr 2018 2:55 PM
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    Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

    Some "WOW" Factor actors who honed their skills at the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club: 

    Holly Taylor starring as Paige Jennings in THE AMERICANS on FX

    Sydney Taylor starring in JUST ADD MAGIC on AMAZON PRIME

    Thomas Barbusca starring as Chip Pemberton in THE MICK on FOX

    Dante Brown starring as Roger Murtaugh, Jr., in LETHAL WEAPON on FOX

    Paris Berelc starring as ALEXA in ALEXA AND KATIE on NETFLIX

    Jake Short starring as Oliver in LAB RATS ELITE FORCE on DISNEY/XD

    Mackenzie Hancsicsak starring as Kate at 8 in THIS IS US on NBC

    Savannah Liles starring as Ellie in the indy film PRODIGY

    Christian Ganiere guest starring as Mikey Capilano on Criminal Minds on CBS

    Amber Romero starring as Cazadora in the indy film CAZADORA

    Kyanna Simone Simpson starring as Keisha in BLACK LIGHTNING on the CW

    Hailee Steinfeld starring as Mattie Ross in TRUE GRIT (Academy award nom.)

    Taylor Lautner starring as Jacob Black in the TWILIGHT movies.

    Michaela Corrozzo starring as Caitlin on LAB RATS on the DISNEY CHANNEL

    Bryson Pitts as 10 year old Simon in the Indy Film LOVE, SIMON

    Libe Barer starring as Carly Bowman on SNEAKY PETE on AMAZON

    Ariela Barer starring as Gert Yorkes on MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS on HULU

    Kendall Joy Hall guest starring as little Steph Edwards on GREY’S ANATOMY on ABC

    Keith Williams starring as Jasper in THE LAST MAN ON EARTH on FOX

    Jamie McCrae starring in the thriller FLEXX feature film

    Piper Curda starring in “I DIDN’T DO IT” on DISNEY

    Michele Panu starring as Sarah Ho in MODERN FAMILY on ABC

    Danika Yarosh starring as Malina Bennet in HEROES REBORN on NBC

    Dusan Brown starring as Deshe in THE LION GUARD on  THE DISNEY CHANNEL

    Molly Jackson starring as Iris in ANDY MACK on THE DISNEY CHANNEL

    Hana Hayes starring as Tessa in T@GGED on HULU

    Victoria Justice starring as Victoria in VICTORIOUS on NICKELODEON

    Tucker Albrizzi starring as Colin McConnell in A. P. BIO on NBC

    Sean Ryan Fox starring as Jasper Dunlop in HENRY DANGER on NICKELODEON

    Stuart Bertman starring as Damian Wayne in SON OF BATMAN for WARNER BROS

    Stefanie Scott starring as Lexie Reed in A.N.T. FARM on the DISNEY CHANNEL

    Donis Leonard starring as Roscoe Kaan in HOUSE OF LIES on SHOWTIME

    Aedin Mincks starring as Angus Chestnut in A. N. T. FARM on the DISNEY CHANNEL

    Kenton Duty starring as Gunther Hessenheffer in SHAKE IT UP on The DISNEY CHANNEL

    Davis Cleveland starring as Flynn Jones in SHAKE IT UP on THE DISNEY CHANNEL

    Adam Irigoyen starring as Kyle Snow in THE FOSTERS on the FREEFORM CHANNEL

    Kelsey Asbille starring as Tracy Stewart in TEEN WOLF on the CW

    Addison Riecke starring as Nora Thunderman in THE THUNDERMANS on NICKELODEON

    Jack Griffo starring as Max Thunderman in THE THUNDERMANS on NICKELODEON

    Claudia Lee starring as Billy in FAMOUS IN LOVE on the FREEFORM CHANNEL

    Madisen Beaty starring as Talya Banks in THE FOSTERS on FREEFORM CHANNEL

    Veronica Dunne starring as Marisa Clark in K. C. UNDERCOVER on The Disney Channel

    You can join, by clicking the JOIN US link at the top of the page.

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