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Chop Wood, Carry Water---To career success...

28 Aug 2017 1:57 PM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

Zen Saying: "Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water."

Every successful actor has their process, and they repeat it when they work--and, no matter how big they get, if they wish to sustain that success, they continue to tap on their, as a creative talent, can develop your process too.

Some lessons from 25 years of successful coaching:

The actors instrument is the body, the voice, and the ability to transform the "look" into the "emotional character" that solves the casting problem - that's what a casting session is, the search for an answer to a problem.

"When in doubt, solve problems for others. When you do that enough, not only do you become a master at it, but opportunities you did not see present themselves to you." - Jason Leister

What you have control over is your instrument, your acting instrument.

The Body: Whether you are thinking leading or character, its crucial to take care of your body every day. If you neglect your workout program, it changes the characters you audition for, so challenge yourself every day physically for success. And "drop in" to characters when you exercise, so that you are used to being in character when you are moving. We practice emotional movement in our classes.

The Voice: Whether you are thinking leading or character, it's important to loosen the voice every day. I like certain warm ups that we use in our classes, and there are many more. If you spend 5 to 10 minutes per day on warm ups, you'll have full use of your vocal instrument. It frees you when go into auditions, so your voice is relaxed and confident.

The Character: I suggest that you practice stretching your emotional muscle every day, using sense memory and emotional exercises bases on empathy. Right now is a fantastic time to take what you see in the news and stretching yourself emotionally into characters that you may be asked to play. Break down your walls, and loosen your emotional instrument so that it's free and available when you go to audition.

One suggestion: Download a scene from showfax or from the internet and challenge yourself to cold read it with little preparation. See how you can "drop in" to your character quickly. Remember daily cold reading practice pays off with more bookings!

Keep pushing your career forward to success!

Coach Jack Turnbull

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