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Do these 7 things EVERY DAY for career success...

04 Sep 2017 5:37 PM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

Acting is a muscle, you have to work it out… 

Dear Readers, 

Today, I want to remind you that with all of the pop acting advice out there, that the FUNDAMENTALS of building a career never change. So I'll give you a basic list to remind you what to focus on first. 

1. Practice Clear Speech. Every day it's important to warm up the lips the tongue, the teeth, and your entire mouth so that you speak clearly. If they can't understand you, they can't hire you. 

FIVE MINUTES A DAY of speech practice will ensure that you speak MUCH MORE CLEARLY when you are in character and being creative. 

2. COLD READING PRACTICE: Today (and every day) take some text and read it OUT LOUD and make it real and natural.  Take any book or magazine, or website, or script,  and read it OUT LOUD in a natural voice and make is sound like you are SAYING and not READING. 

Get invested in the emotional life of the text. What is it you want, what is it that has been taken from you, make the characters come alive.

Practice it in your different characters...take risks, enjoy the process.

Acting is not reading, reading is not acting. 


5 to 10 minutes of this every day will work wonders on your overall skill level. 

3. Practice scenes in a class or with your acting friends. Always have scenes available that you can pull at the drop of a hat, in case you get a chance to showcase. 

Comedy is always best, but a good dramedy works too. 

Short scenes are more effective than long scenes. 

TV scenes rarely go over 3 minutes, so limit your scenes to 2-3 minutes. 

A Band practices songs so they can connect and play together, Actors can practice scenes with the same intent, to CONNECT and PLAY together.


4. Write ONE MINUTE MONOLOGUES about every subject imaginable. Suggestions: BREAKFAST, TRAFFIC, RESTAURANT FOOD, FRIENDS, RELATIVES, RELATIONSHIPS, etc… Make them specific and full of detail and have a beginning, middle and end. Clock them at 50 seconds so when you perform and (hopefully) slow down, you can bring them in under a minute.

 Don't go for laughs, go for entertainment. 

5. Refine your VEIN OF GOLD as far as the characters you play. Write monologues for your characters…and record them and put them up on your social media just for fun!  Or,  just show to your friends. 

Got a super interesting character, write and produce more material and put it on your social media, maybe it will become popular...

5. Practice shooting scenes on your phone. First, do the scene with one person holding the phone, then the other, then get a friend to do the TWO shot while you perform the scene. Then practice clipping the scenes together. If the performers are within 2 feet of the phone, you will get great sound. Add a little music and you have a scene recorded!

I have an iphone and I've seen fantastic results by shooting straight into and entertaining, and it gets you to see what the producers are seeing when you audition.

6. Walk, run, play sports, get physical EVERY DAY. Your body is your instrument, you have to warm it up and  practice with it. Challenge yourself to make your instrument stronger and more flexible. Martial arts, yoga, swimming, dance, or just going for a long fast walk...10,000 steps every day for health and success!



All the best, 

Coach Jack Turnbull

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