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Courage is a it out!

18 Jun 2018 10:53 AM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

Courage is a muscle...

Each and every day we have to stretch and loosen up our COURAGE muscle. Each and every day, we have to take those challenges that we have been avoiding,

those challenges that could move us a little closer to our goal, and we have to face them with an open heart to allow ourselves to find the truth in

our creative lives and to confront our own dark instincts of self defeat.

So lets take our courage and loosen it up and practice it in little ways. Find those things that we dread doing because of fear of failure, and confront them and take a small step to challenge our courage muscle and face down our fears.

We can do it in small ways and that way, as we approach those larger fears, we know that we are gaining strength and growing and our courage muscle is getting stronger.

Remember, our fears are there to protect us from danger, and in the modern world many times our fear becomes FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. So if we just move ourself into the arena that we fear, we can confront those fears and find the courage to continue

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