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Loneliness in a new city...

18 Jun 2018 12:13 PM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

I wrote this for those who have just moved to a new city for their career...

Paralysis from loneliness...

Sometime when we move to a new city for our career, the loneliness just seems so overwhelming.

In fact, many times the paralysis we feel is just in the feeling of aloneness that we have...

Loneliness is like being broke:

Not only that, but when you are lonely, it's like being broke, because people around you avoid you because they get a strong feeling that you want something from them.

When you first move to a new city, as in so many cases, that feeling of loneliness can be overwhelming. The best way it can be overcome is by being busy, and keeping creative juices flowing.

As you do that and you are thrown in among like-minded individuals, and you
become a part of something bigger and better and you forget you were ever feeling so alone.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but it's good to get out and be around people, get into a class, make new friends, work on scenes, plays, write new material and perform it and just BE BUSY!

As you become busy around others, you aren't so alone and gradually you will connect with others and fulfill your creative and personal needs.

One of the reasons we offer SO MANY outstanding events for our members at the Actorsite is that we want you to STAY ENGAGED in your career.

One actor said, "When I attend the Actorsite and work on skills, I feel like I have POWER over my career. When I sit home and wait for my agent to text, I don't have ANY power over my career..."

Our next "HOT PIZZA, COLD READING" for actors is next SUNDAY, June 24...

I love this quote from

"7. Always show up when meeting up with others. You don’t have to run for president of the knitters society at your first meeting. But you do have to show up. I have been telling others to practice yoga for 20 years and promising I would do it myself for just as long, but except for the occasional coincidental yoga offering at a retreat, I didn’t take the trouble of finding a class I could attend regularly until a month ago. Now I am enjoying it and it wasn’t that hard. I have put a reminder in my phone to resign from the procrastinator’s society."

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