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Write your own Horoscope!

09 Oct 2018 3:41 PM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)

Write your OWN horoscope!

For those of you who are a little superstitious, here's a suggestion on  how you TAKE CONTROL of your luck and circumstances: WRITE YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE!  Pick the goals you want to achieve and predict that you will DO THE WORK to achieve them.

FOR INSTANCE: Say, you want to find an agent,or a NEW agent. Your horoscope should read:

"New relationship on the horizon, prepare for partnership, marriage. Work on skills diligently for future success. Take time today to  reach out and make new contacts. Finish details."

THEN: Get busy and work on skills, finish your materials and get them up online. Then REACH OUT to new reps.

If you want to book more EPISODIC TELEVISION which ALREADY is getting BUSY! Then your horoscope mightn read:

"The stars are right for success! Your planning and hard work are paying off. Reach out today to let the world know that you are one to be reckoned with. Take immediate action, to delay means loss."

You can write any horoscope you want...THEN FOLLOW THROUGH WITH ACTION, so that you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

Speaking of ACTION: Practice your voice and diction warm-ups every day.

Practice builds confidence.

And, to shake off the nerves, find ways to ground yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Breathing exercises, focus exercises, etc.

And, most importantly practice have it, be confident in it and use it in your acting!

Charisma is a skill, learn it and practice it daily!

All the best,

Coach Jack Turnbull

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