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  • 15 May 2013 9:35 AM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)
    Your Actors Access Short Link

    Dear Readers,

    Some of you are confused about Actor's Access short link.

    It's a young actor's RESUME LINK, that's all!

    All Film/TV Casting Directors are used to using Actors Access
    resumes because that's what they see when agents and managers
    submit to them through Breakdown Express.

    So it's a "comfort" thing. Any other link is not what they
    are used to seeing. They just aren't used to them.

    So when we ask for your "Actors Access Shortlink", don't
    question us---we're busy trying to HELP YOU...don't distract us
    from that...


    Actorsite is in no way affiliated with Actors Access...we
    just like to keep it simple and give the Casting Directors what
    they are used to your child gets more opportunities.

    Jack Turnbull


    Here's how to make you actorsaccess shortlink.

    Sign in to your account at Actors Access.

    When you first sign in, you will see along the top a
    list of options. click on "My Tools".

    Scroll down to the bottom option, which is "Custom Link".

    From there, change it from the numbers, to your young actors
    first and last name (no spaces).

    Make it simple and easy to retrieve...cause
    that's what you want, isn't it, for casting to find you with
    a simple click on your link!

    Then click "Save".

    That will become your short link.

    Then email that link to us when we ask for it!



    All the best,

    Jack Turnbull
  • 14 May 2013 9:18 AM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)
    Making Life Easier: 
    Online Headshot/Resume Sites

    Dear Parents,

    I'm putting together my information on the online services
    used by Hollywood. If you work out of California, you may
    use other services...I don't know about that.

    Online Services are very inexpensive ways to post your .
    headshot/resume profile within the Hollywood Industry.

    When you arrive in Hollywood, the FIRST THING to do is
    get your headshot/resume up on these sites. Almost all of
    them are free or very inexpensive and I'll explain why
    you need to do it below. Your Agent and Manager CANNOT
    submit you if you aren't online! Get busy!

    Years ago, it was prohibitively expensive for actors because
    they would have to spend thousands of dollars on headshots
    each year for submissions. Now that cost is cut way down
    through the use of online services.

    I'm not covering the process of "submitting online" in this email,
    because that is another email altogether!

    This information is just to make you look professional
    no matter which casting office you visit.

    Between these services (and, of course, hard copy headshots)
    an actor can cover 100% of the casting offices in Hollywood.

    Breakdown Express/Actors Access
    Casting Networks/LA Casting
    Now Casting/Players Directory
    Frontier Casting/Castingfrontier
    Internet Movie Data Base/IMDB

    There are reasons to be listed in all of these, although I don't
    have opinions on if you need "deluxe" listings on any.

    The main thing these sites have in common is that they are used
    by enough industry to be useful and they all have a talent profile
    which connects your headshot/resume to their processes.

    1. Breakdown Express/Actors Access is how almost ALL Film/TV Casting
    Directors schedule auditions. They send out breakdowns through
    Breakdown Express and your agent and manager can submit your
    file. Actors manage their profile information through Actors

    They also have an upload service for auditions as most of the
    other groups below have, so your headshot/resume link would be
    included in the upload if the producer wished to view it.

    My personal advice is to have ONE COMPELLING picture (at least)
    which defines the actor's look and is specific. Too many pix
    and you look a little desperate in my opinion.

    You may also put up your reel and segments of your reel, and
    you may link to your segments through your resume. If you
    have "reel" worthy material can be valuable.

    This would be a good place to put up your voice reel because
    many of the film/tv casting directors also cast voices for
    ADR and Animation.

    They also have some kind of Actor Slate which I feel is a total waste
    of time and money. Any video on this site should be creative content, like a scene or monologue, not a vanity that for your
    friends and family.

    2. Casting Networks/LA Casting is the service used by most
    commercial casting directors for sending out breakdowns and
    receiving submissions.

    This is the site where you can put up multiple pictures, because
    the commercial and commercial print casting directors like
    a ton of different looks to choose from.

    You can also put your reel up here, but it is unlikely
    to get looked at.

    Your voiceover reel would be more effective, since many of the
    same casting directors who cast commercials also cast voiceovers.

    3. NOWCASTING is a service used by many casting directors to
    upload casting sessions and it's important to have your profile
    information on this site. It's primarily used by theatrical
    casting directors for this service, as far as I know, and
    the use is growing.

    This is a very "actor friendly" site, designed and built by
    actors so it's a place to also host your reel and voice over demo
    so you or your reps can send them to casting or producers if

    I would "mirror" my Actors Access profile on NOW CASTING.

    Another way to get listed in NOW CASTING is to put your
    headshot/resume in the PLAYERS DIRECTORY, which was developed
    by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar) over
    70 years ago. It's now independent and still used by almost every
    casting office in Hollywood every day! They publish a hardcopy
    and ebook directory. and,

    4. Frontier Casting/Castingfrontier is a commercial casting service and they
    are now sending out breakdowns too, so it's important to be
    in their service. They have bar-coded check in which is quick,
    and it's important to keep your profile updated. On this site
    I would "mirror" the info you post on LA CASTING.

    5. Castit/Actorcast is being used by many of the studios
    for their audition uploads and distribution. Recently they have been
    building the Actorcast site where they now link to your profile
    with their audition uploads.

    On this site, I would "mirror" the information on the
    Actors Access site.

    6. The IMDB is an independent database which lists the credits
    for films and TV shows and some other media.

    IMDB is highly used to check credits and it's important to
    make sure your credits are accurate, since many are not.

    Since producers and directors and casting directors love IMDB to
    double check credits, I would have a headshot/resume up on this
    site. It's not expensive and it's well worth the money.

    The IMDB is used for casting and others to send to producers, etc., if they want to give them more information on a talent. For this reason, it's important to keep your information current. Your IMDB rating is not important so the "likes" to your IMDB file don't mean anything.

    I would definitely have a headshot/resume up on this site!

    And you can TWEET your successes and link to it on the IMDB!

    This is my basics, and I'd like to hear from you on this subject!

    Please send comments to

    Join the ACTORSITE ASAP!

    All the best,

    Jack Turnbull
  • 14 May 2013 9:13 AM | Coach Jack Turnbull (Administrator)
    Coaching Boosts Your Bookings!
    Some Coaching Tips From Jack Turnbull!
    Casting Direcor Carol Goldwasser
    Over 100 Young Actorsiters have booked series regular roles in the past few years! 

    I'm so proud of every one. In fact, as I write these messages, I'm reminded of who I need to shout out to!

    This message is about COACHING, though, so we'll stick to the subject!


    There are two specific reasons to work on private coaching for young actors. First, to prepare for a specific audition, and second to work on specific skills.
    Coaching is not enough by itself, since an actor must "react" to other actors, and a coach is not another actor.
    Since it's basketball season, I'll use an example of how the various coaches on a team work with the position players on specific skills, BUT, for that player to actually practice  those skills, they have to play a practice game, and that is what an acting class is like---a practice game. A scrimmage.

    So a coach can not only help an actor prepare for an audition, but also tweak specific skills so that young actor can practice those skills in a class prior to auditioning. NICE!

    There are some young actors who only receive private coaching and never get into classes to practice those skills. As we have seen so often in the past, they then don't have the reaction skills needed to build a big career. That's why they sit on the sidelines while the kids who LOVE their FAST TRACK PRO classes book the roles. Acting is a muscle, you have to work it out, and it's more fun in an exciting class.

    So coaching supplements the classes.  
    How to prepare for Audition Coaching...
    Do you think parents should coach their own child? 

    Well, yes and no...since you are in HOLLYWOOD and the stakes are so high for every audition...and auditions are difficult to come by--- and callbacks are even more difficult to come by--- and bookings are even MORE difficult... If you are reading this, then you NEED to make sure your child gets coaching for substantial roles.

    Here's some info on how to prepare... 

    Yes, I am recommending coaching with a qualified coach.

     If your child fails to prepare, then they are preparing to fail! 

    How to prepare for coaching:

    First,  I want to encourage parents to be a "practice partner" with their child, who can help them go over their scenes MANY TIMES, since repetition makes the material familiar. 

    When doing that process, I caution parents to make sure the child is CONSTANTLY CHANGING their practice, so they don't settle into a "groove" which makes them un-direct-able.

     Parents can read the sides, breakdown and script, but unless a parent has been coaching for MANY YEARS, the parent should stick to being a "practice partner" rather than trying to coach the emotional aspects of the audition material. The coach is experienced at finding the right "tone" to the material.

    As I have stated for years, and now ALL GOOD COACHES AGREE, I encourage parents to have their kids do the scene DIFFERENTLY each time, practicing it LOUDER, SOFTER--even whispering, HIGHER---in the higher range of their voice, LOWER---in the lower range of their voice, FASTER---even TOO FAST, SLOWER--- even ridiculously slow and with different emphasis each time. HIGHER, LOWER, LOUDER, SOFTER, FASTER and with different emphasis to try different things. This is a practice technique and better prepares the actor for audition performance.

    30 to 50 (or more) times repeating the not a lot, in fact, it's just a warm up... Many times kids have an "attitude" when they practice with a parent where they want to do their "silly" voices or do it odd and weird ways.

    GREAT! ENCOURAGE THAT!  This way they can MAKE THE DIALOGUE THEIR OWN! By trying it different ways, they OWN the dialogue!

     It's part of the learning process. In fact, if a child practices a scene 30 or more times and does it the "SAME" every time, I would encourage that parent to find a different career for that child...that child is not direct-able and isn't going to "OWN" the material at ANY time in the future. 

    No casting director can give them a direction if they are so "locked in" that they are inflexible. So parents, encourage your child to do all of their cartoon voices, animal voices, other weird voices, etc., when working on the material, so they can "MAKE IT THEIR OWN". 

    If you follow these practice techniques prior to going to your coach, your child will have sufficiently repeated the material-- I recommend 30 to 50 times(or more), without settling into a "set" rhythm or pattern -- your child is ready for coaching. 

    At that point, the coach can give suggestions and make EMOTIONAL adjustments to the performance so they are properly tweaked to go into the audition. 

    The Casting Director then can give them additional tweaking for the's called BEING DIRECT-ABLE! 

    What is OVER-COACHING? Over-coaching is when a child is told there is a "RIGHT" way to perform the material and they work on being "RIGHT" rather than owning the material and being natural and effortless!

     If you hear that your child was "over-coached", then that means your child CANNOT TAKE DIRECTION! 

    Any coach who teaches your child a "RIGHT" way to do the scene is a bad coach! Any parent who does the same is JUST PLAIN WRONG. 

    A child should practice being flexible with the material...NOT BEING RIGID! 

    Some kids want to know a "right" way to perform a scene. 

    If you have that kind of child, then get EXTRA coaching so the child knows THREE different "right" ways to do the scene.  Any good coach can sense this and give the child three different ways to do the scene.

    They can then pick A, B or C when they are redirected...simple! So parents, to properly help your child, MAKE SURE YOU NEVER TEACH THEM TO DO IT "YOUR" WAY.

    Give them some choices! 

    And ALWAYS work with coaches that teach kids what is going on in a scene, rather than doing "line readings" and telling them to "SAY IT LIKE THIS". 

    PARENTS AS COACHES: Some of our most successful kids out there are coached by their parents... That's not a surprise...many times the "coaches kid" becomes the star of FOOTBALL or BASKETBALL, or BASEBALL...why not acting?

     I've been talking with some of the Parents who do a KILLER JOB of coaching their kids and from that I've learned that parents who do a good job NEVER let their child find a "RIGHT" way to perform the scene, and ALWAYS encourage their child to have "CHOICES" so they are direct-able. 

    For best results, though, unless you are an accomplished actor in your own right, or have directed theater or film, use a qualified coach from an industry referral, rather than trying to coach your child yourself.

    Your child will thank you with much bigger success!

     To RECAP: 
    1. Repetition makes the material familiar! 
    2. Young actors should try different approaches to the material! 
    3. Working OUT LOUD is the ONLY way to "own" the material.
    4. Always get coaching for larger roles.
    5. A good coach explains the emotional aspects of a scene. 
    6. A good coach always gives a young actor choices. 
    7. Parents can coach their own child if they are a qualified coach.

     All the best, 
    Jack Turnbull
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